๐Ÿ“ฑMobile Game

We are developing a p2e mobile game on iOS and Android for Chiken holders, scheduled for release in Q3 2023.

Let's describe the theses about the game point by point:

  • p2e turn-based mobile game

  • genre: artillery

  • the heroes of the game are Chiัkens from the collection of DC TON

    you will be able to play the game with the characters of Chiัkens from your collection

    the game is presented in 2D

  • 2 modes of fast play: multiplayer and single player

  • we will prepare a separate NFT collection of weapons for the game

  • NFT Gun is hidden in boxes and each user can drop a random

    for fairness of the game weapons design will not give any boosters in the game

  • mint and box opening scheduled for 2023

  • there will be a special page where each holder of NFT Chiken and NFT Gun can combine 2 or more NFTs into 1 Epic

  • Epic NFTs provide in-game advantages and various bonuses

  • there will be available to buy/sell/exchange estates, Chiัken room materials in the game

    it will be possible to improve/change the design of the Chiัken's rooms to get boosters and new features

  • the game can be a great source of income, thanks to trading on the internal market for crypto-token.

It will be a very rich and interesting game!

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