Diamond Dividends

Every Chicken holder is an investor in our ecosystem during the development and maintenance phase. As you know, investors need to pay dividends.
Scheme of distribution of interest for holders on the average daily profits of the lottery and the game per month, and the statuses in the chats of holders:
❗️ of 5 NFTs: 0.5% and "Bronze" status
❗️ 10 NFT: 1% and "Silver" status
❗️ from 20 NFT: 3% and status "Gold
❗️ from 40 NFT: 7% and "SUPER KIT" status
If the monthly net profit of the projects was $300 thousand, respectively, $10 thousand is the average daily profit. Per holder of each status, the monthly payout in TON will be as follows:
❗️Bronze - $50
❗️Silver - $100
❗️Gold - $300
❗️SUPER KIT - $700.
Anticipate the logical question: "Why do I need so many tokens of one collection in my own collection!?" And we answer right away: to make them work for you while you sleep.
After the release of the mobile game for holders, we will make a cool fic, by which each holder of the above levels will be able to rent their Chickens to players who do not own Chicken and do not have access to the game, or to those who want to play by your Chicken. Another important point: when renting out a Chicken, it must be withdrawn from sale and will be temporarily moved from your account, BUT it will be listed in your Telegram bot account as a token rented out. And since it will be listed in your amount, you will not lose a percentage of the game and lottery profits when renting it out.