The Chickens Collection also brings to The Open Network's blockchain an interesting and fascinating history of the world of Chickens.
📗 Twice a week we post one part of the lore on the official channels.
📗 The story is original and entirely invented by us and
📗 The story is about the world, life, and conflict of the Chickens who reside on the planet "Ahimsa"
📗 The story serves as a lead-in to the main theme of the collection and the plot of the mobile game
📗 Every Chicken holder after a mint can influence the development of the story through private chats
📗 The finale is scheduled for December 2022.
After completing the story of the Chicken world, we released the first NFT audio book on TON. As well as a webapp application for reading and listening to NFT books. The chapters of this book that the holders contributed to will be sent to the contributors, with the remainder up for sale.