We created and are constantly developing the first TON-based crypto-NFT lottery.

Let's describe the theses about the entertainment platform point by point:

  • The lottery is presented as an independent website

  • All calculation processes and distributions take place in smart contracts

  • All contract pools with prize funds are open and any user can view them

  • The first version of the lottery offers 2 categories of draws: for TONCOIN tokens and NFT tokens

  • Both categories are automatically drawn once a day

  • The draw of TONCOIN tokens takes place among all purchased tickets. Each ticket will randomly generate 6 numbers from 0 to 9, when drawing an algorithm will guess its own 6 numbers and check all tickets for a match. To win, it is enough to have at least 2 matching numbers out of 6 and then the user will get the winnings. For a diagram of how the pool is distributed, see below on this page

  • The draw of NFT takes place among all bought tickets and randomly one ticket a day wins 1 NFT from various collections of the TON network with the value of 1 NFT from 10 TON to thousands of TON

  • The cost of 1 ticket without drawing discounts equals $5 in $TONCOIN or $IDU.

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